Toronto Made? Yes please!

Ok, artists and creative entrepreneurs, the ground is rumbling.
Could this be the start of the repatriation of manufacturing?
If you want to source products and services (t-shirts, totes, pins) from Canadian, better yet Toronto-based, companies, and stop relying on cheap foreign labour, please take a few minutes to fill out this survey.


I'd like to see this for my design store, PenJarProductions.

The City of Toronto’s Economic Development & Culture division (EDC) is currently examining the feasibility of a “Toronto Made” brand for locally-produced products. Such brands exist in many other cities in Canada and the US including SFMade (San Francisco), Made in YVR (Vancouver) and Made in NYC (New York City).
City of Toronto’s Economic Development & Culture division (EDC)'s Toronto Made survey
Thank you, Liv Mendelsohn, for bringing this initiative to my attention.
Finally, I would love to see my Toronto Island Ferry Pillow made with fabric produced and printed in Toronto. It was designed in Toronto (by me) and until last February it was printed in Toronto. Now let's close the circle and have it made in Toronto too.
Toronto Island Ferry Pillow

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