Custom Portraits


From My Sketchbook to Your Home

Do you have an idea for a drawing of a home or someone you love? Let's talk!

You email me two or three photos of the person, pet or place you want me to capture. I put some music on and draw it, scan it, get your approval, then upload it to Printful. They turn my sketch into a museum-quality giclée print and send it off special-delivery to wherever you are in the world. 

If the way I describe this sounds fast and easy — like a YouTube white board animation — it's not. Custom drawings cost more because they take more time to create, plus I won't sell this art to anyone else but you. For a portrait of one person, pet or home, I charge $395 (Canadian dollars). Tax and printing are extra. Printing costs vary according to the canvas size you choose, but they start at $10.25.

Got an idea for a drawing or a product? I'll meet you over on my Contact Page.