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I Miss My Mommy: 150 Portraits of Orphaned Adults with custom bookmarks

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"Alison renders portraits of grief with exquisite perception. Losing the people who made us is an undoing we may grapple with for the rest of our lives."

Anne Bokma, The Hamilton Spectator

"I'd been looking for validation for my need to grieve, and I found it in I Miss My Mommy."

Carla Lucchetta, producer, The Agenda with Steve Paikin

"You'll find yourself in the company of many mourners as they experience all the stages of grief. This book is a powerful reminder that you're not alone."

Ann Douglas, author, columnist Psychology Today

"I Miss My Mommy speaks volumes about the multi-faceted nature of loss, offering a space for deep reflection."

Joshua Black, PhD, Grief Dreams podcast host

"This book is an outstanding contribution to recognizing, understanding, and accepting one's grief, and the quiet grief of others. In its very simplicity it's message is so profound."

Marie-Anne Erki, Professor Emeritus in Civil Engineering, Royal Military College of Canada



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