Are You My Mother? and I Miss My Mommy: Two Books About Our Search For Motherly Love

Remember when we were toddlers and we got scared every time our mothers left the room, went to the grocery store, headed to the office, or just left the nest?

As orphaned adults, we're back to square one, searching for our mothers and fathers through faded memories and old photographs.

And what's this? A whole NEW set of uncomfortable and unwelcome questions centered around our very identity.

Buckle up and hold hands with someone you love ‘cause it's a bumpy ride.

I Miss My Mommy is my new picture book for big people without parents.

… Because sometimes we need images to explain the language of loss.

The perfect gift for someone who is missing (or wrestling with) their deceased mum on Mother's Day.

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Printed and shipped with care by Lulu Press, Inc.

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