Are your pillows designed for the outdoors?

So here's the deal: my pillow covers are made of 100% washable woven poly-linen fabric. The filling inside is made from sugar and cream. Actually, the pillow insert is a hypo-allergenic faux down.

Many of you have asked: Can I keep your pillows outside? My pillows work best in indoor settings and covered porches. You can display them outside provided you bring them in at night.

ICYMI: even throw pillows and cushions specifically designed and marketed for the outdoors should be brought in at night. Why? No pillow or cushion is too tough or moisture-resistant for the sharp fangs and tiny saliva-squirting mouths of the Sciurus Carolinensis (the North American grey squirrel). Google it!

Squirrels don’t eat pillow stuffing, they use it to build their own homes. In the end, we’re all nesters.

My "Pansies Throw Pillow" line has a really summery deck party vibe. Combine them with your candy-coloured summer dishes and jugs. Remember: protect your pillows, and bring them in with the dishes.

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