Books & Dogs Offer Companionship & Comfort to Orphaned Adults


In my proudest earned media moment to date, yesterday I snagged an interview with Rupert, the white golden retriever.

It got real when Rupert asked me, Why do humans sometimes prioritize books over dogs? Followed by, What does my book offer grieving people that a dog can't?

I think I recovered ... you be the judge.

I Miss My Mommy: 150 Portraits of Orphaned Adults is a new graphic novel about parental grief. It's The World's First Picture Book for Big People Without Parents.

If you know an orphaned adult who finds Mother's Day extra hard, I'm hoping the drawings and stories in this book will help.

You can pre-order your copy at


Disclaimer: I used the AI app My Talking Pet in the making of this video. I just lowered the pitch and speed on my own voice to give Rupert the dopey voice I’m sure he must have.

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