Thank you to my readers from Toronto to San Francisco to New York and back for letting me know that your copy of I MISS MY MOMMY has landed on your doorstep (h/t @luludotcom) 📚

Let’s start a conversation about grief. I’d love a short social media review of my book (up to 150 words written or filmed) from you:
• How did the book make you feel?
• Did it validate your need to grieve? Briefly explain.
• Which character in the book did you relate to the most?
• Why would you recommend I MISS MY MOMMY to someone else?

Please tag me @AlisonGJ and my tiny imprint @PenJarProductions in your review. Then tag a friend who may need this book. Lastly, take a picture of you holding the book! Recommended platforms: FB, IG and TikTok.

Hashtags you can use: #OrphanedAdults#BooksOnGrief #FiveStagesOfGrief #GriefResources

Reviewers will receive a free high-res copy of their favourite drawing from the book to print, frame and hang in their home! (Frame not included. Filters may vary. Mock-ups are fictional - FrameIt app).

To receive your drawing, email me at Alison.GarwoodJones(at)gmail(dot)com
— Please include a link to your review(s), then state the page number of the drawing you would like.

GIVEAWAY ENDS: July 6th, 2024.

I MISS MY MOMMY is the world’s first picture book for big people without parents.

** The book takes readers right to the heart of the five stages of grief through 150 portraits, some grim, some funny, but all relatable. The stage you’re in may change by the hour, or even the minute. I hope my book helps readers struggling with grief sit with emotions they’d rather avoid but can’t stop feeling.**


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