How Print-On-Demand Technology Works - how I get my drawings on your pillows

Pen Jar Productions, Toronto:
Lynn Brown of Orillia, you asked on Facebook: "How do you get your drawings on pillows?"
I made this mini doc for Instagram TV to explain the process and to introduce you all to my manufacturing partners at Notion, a print-on-demand studio in Toronto's Junction neighbourhood. Notion operates out of an former macaroni factory/art school and prints pillows, fashion apparel and laptop and iPhone skins (under the Gelaskins brand). My thanks to Kyla Walker for starring in this doc (check out her Art on her Insta feed)
Fun fact: Notion's GelaSkins tech accessories have been featured in movies and TV shows including — ahem, name drop —The Social Network (in a scene with a laptop and Justin Timberlake) and Curb Your Enthusiasm (in a scene with Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld). The two Steves (Jobs & Wozniak) have been customers of GelaSkins over the years.
p.s. I  deliberately shot this in vertical for the IGTV format.
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