I Miss My Mommy: a picture book to help orphaned adults through grief

All of us will have to do life without our parents at some point. I decided to write and illustrate a book to show what grief looks like and how it acts.

I MISS MY MOMMY: 150 Portraits of Orphaned Adults takes you right to the heart of the five stages of grief through 150 portraits, some grim, some funny, but all relatable.

It's the world's first picture book for big people without parents!

It's set for release May 10, 2024 – in time for Mother’s Day.

The stage you’re in may change by the hour, or even the minute. The book helps readers struggling with grief sit with emotions they’d rather avoid but can’t stop feeling.

Dip inside to find yourself, or someone you love but don’t quite understand. Better yet, present the book to someone who’s missing their mom on Mother’s Day.

Pre-order HERE!

Folks who pre-order will receive a complimentary chapter.


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