"I Miss My Mommy" - What Readers Are Saying

This is my time to say thank you to the folks who read the advance reader copy of I MISS MY MOMMY, my new picture book for big people without parents.

Cover Blurbs for the book, I Miss My Mommy by Alison Garwood-Jones

Cover Blurbs for the book, I Miss My Mommy by Alison Garwood-Jones

JOSHUA BLACK, PhD, is a Vancouver-based bereavement researcher and the host of the “Grief Dreams” podcast - @griefdreams. Do you dream about a person or a pet you have lost? Joshua has made grief dreams the focus of his research, and has found that dreams can continue the bond and awaken insights about your most important relationships.

ANN DOUGLAS (@annmdouglas) is an international best-selling author of parenting books. For her latest book, Navigating the Messy Middle, Ann shifted her focus from kids to adults and, specifically, the experiences of middle-aged women. See how she tackles what’s going on at this stage of life. Like me, I think you’ll find that recognition is the best antidote for grief.

ANNE BOKMA (@annebokma) is the author of the gutsy memoir, My Year of Living Spiritually, a story of her coming to terms with her ultra-religious upbringing, and the illuminating insights she gathered about herself and her dreams that could have only happened in the second half of her life. Anne’s spiritual quest is a good companion for people moving through grief.

I MISS MY MOMMY is my new picture book for adults who are struggling after losing both parents. My hope is that it helps you find a way to sit with emotions you’ve been avoiding, but can’t stop feeling.

Present the book to a friend who misses their mom on Mother’s Day, or someone who is still trying to make sense of their relationship with a parent.

I MISS MY MOMMY is available for pre-order at PenJarProductions.com. As a thank you to those who place a Pre-Order, I will be emailing you a FREE chapter!

Alison xo

PS: Every book spine needs an Easter Egg. Mine was a tiny box of Kleenex. I hope it inspires readers to pull it off the shelf.

The Easter Egg on the spine of graphic novel, I Miss My Mommy

Printed and shipped with care by @luludotcom

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