I Miss You Too, Daddy

My new book is called I Miss My Mommy, but fathers are just as integral to the story for orphaned adults.

For Father’s Day, here’s a preview of how dads, now gone, weave in and out of the stories of their adult kids’ lives.

Because sometimes we need images to explain the language of loss.

Pete refuses to get rid of his dad’s Birkenstocks. They’re proof that he was on this earth. ~ P. 174 

“My dad once said to me, ‘I’m giving you the greatest gift a father could ever give a son: I’m not very successful.’” ~ David Duchovny~ P. 103 

"Hi Daddy! Hi Mommy!” is the first thing Tammy says every morning. She can feel the dopamine hit when she speaks their names.~ P. 260 

After her mom and dad died, Melissa got a letter from her dad’s first boyfriend. ~P. 238

Russell was adopted at birth. His white parents didn’t know they were supposed to have the “police talk” with him. He learned that on his own. ~ P. 234 

What kind of father tells his sons “You’re either a killer or a loser”?  ~ P. 111

Bill anticipated the squabbling between his middle-aged kids. ~P. 107

Gord’s father was never convicted. Now it’s too late. ~P. 80

Basil inherited his mother’s depression and his dad’s knitted ties. ~ p. 73

When Tamara gets a piece of good news, she still picks up the phone to tell her dad. ~P. 51

I Miss My Mommy is the picture book for big people without parents.

It’s available at here! At PenJarProductions.com ~ Printed and shipped with care by Lulu.com

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