Press for I Miss My Mommy

Anne Bokma’s compelling Mother’s Day column in today’s Hamilton Spectator shows how fraught Mother’s Day can be for adult orphans, particularly women. For others, it’s liberating, especially if their grief is complicated. Thank you, Anne, for being such an astute interviewer (boy, can she write!) and for making my new book, I MISS MY MOMMY from @penjarproductions, a part of your story. The headline may be blunt, but so is death. So, make haste.

Addendum: Catherine Garwood-Jones worked full-time outside the home as the manager and accountant at Trevor Garwood-Jones Architects. She also gave her energy to organizations and causes she cared about (The Hamilton Philharmonic) and mental health (Hamilton Health Sciences). In one memorable scene in the early 1980s, she marched up the steps of Queen’s Park (Ontario’s legislature) and pitched the provincial health minister in his office on the importance of providing more funding for research into schizophrenia. It worked.

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